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Why Do I Need a Website

Running a business is hard, running a small business is harder. Nearly everyday we come in contact with business owners who do not have web presences, let alone websites. We always ask these business owners if they are interested in having a quality website designed for their company at an affordable price. Many times, the response is, “No, I don’t need a website” or “We don’t sell to people on the internet.” Interestingly enough, these are the same business owners who are having difficulties selling products and gaining new customers.

Today, more than ever, a website is your companies most important investment.  An attractive, easily navigated website has the ability to turn internet browsers into new customers daily. In fact, more and more people browse the internet daily to find new services and products.

A company without a website is immediately dismissed or perceived negatively by consumers. Today, consumers expect information and interaction with companies they purchase from. A website is a great way to allow potential customers to learn about your company and have their questions answered immediately, 24/7.  In addition, a website is a great tool for updating your current customers about changes or news in the company. This type of interaction builds customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Placing your web address on advertisements, business cards, and signs immediately increases your company’s credibility. Many companies use their website as the sole medium for contact. Your website could be a great tool in changing your customers mind and encouraging them to go with your company’s service or product over your competitions. We would guess your competition probably already has a functional website that is helping them divert sales from your company…

Too many business owners neglect the importance and power of a website and do not want to invest in this 24/7 marketing tool. Unfortunately, the cost of a website is, most likely, much less than the cost of not having a website.

WebStyley, LLC understands the economic struggles of small businesses. In fact, we started our company to fill the inequitable void in the web design industry. To many web design firms quote thousands of dollars to struggling small business owners. These companies do not understand the difficulties of running a small business. WE UNDERSTAND.

We are dedicated to working solely with small businesses to make them more competitive with large corporations. We guarantee your satisfaction and are sure your will benefit from an affordable, attractive WebStyley small business website!

Contact Us to schedule a free web consultation and let’s work together in growing your company!  Be sure to ask us about SEO and internet marketing!

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My name is Jason Stenseth and I am the Founder of Foremost, I am a small business advocate who loves making small businesses more competitive with large corporations. I specialize in Wordpress Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and SEO article writing. I am very passionate about building companies through modern marketing methods such as SEO, social media, and other forms of internet marketing. I have started a number of businesses and can't stop. The start of a business is by far the most fun. If you are interested in starting a new business and need a consultant, investor, or partner - let me know!. Thanks for stopping by and please read our blog for tips and ideas for your business!