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Beginning WordPress Development Tips

Expert Denver WordPress DeveloperWordPress is a web developing tool that many developers use because of its simplicity, ease of extending and user friendliness. For those starting off and new to WordPress, it is recommended that they stay in contact with WordPress’ massive community. Following along with the community can mean going to legitimate blogs and snooping around, sharing ideas on forums, and following the WordPress Core. The Core is a place where one can track all of the changes made to WordPress through a timeline of sorts. The Core also helps developers understand and utilize core files and their structures without the headache, this is because the Core team updates almost instantly on every change that occurs and thus allows developers to plan for the future.

When coding with WordPress it should become habit to follow structured coding standards- at least as a beginner. This means that one’s code should be organized, well documented, and thoroughly searched through. If for example, the goal is to get a theme recognized by WordPress, then it needs to pass certain tests and qualifications. Having a neat and readable coding structure can aid greatly in this type of goal. If at a loss as to where to start, the best option is to look at other developer’s coding and ask around in the community. The next tip a WordPress developer should have under their belt is knowing how to use the WordPress Codex. The codex is akin to Google. If you have a question, ask the codex. Like a Wiki page, you can edit and read developer entries for just about any issue.

The WordPress community is huge and that is because it is a community built on sharing knowledge. When using WordPress, be sure to post on forums, blogs, the Codex, etc to share your ideas and concerns because that is the only way for the community and developers to keep making changes. Lastly, when it comes to themes, make sure to understand the inner workings of the twenty ten and twenty eleven themes as these are the most recent and up to date. One will be able to see how simple code can create an innovative website instantly and best of all, both themes are secure and tested.

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Sub-Categories Same Category Template as Parent Category WordPress

Here is another WordPress Tip for anyone who is looking to have sub-categories use the same category template as its parent category, rather than having to create separate templates for each category. Continue reading Sub-Categories Same Category Template as Parent Category WordPress