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Advantages of Business WordPress Website Development

Did you know that the free web-hosting platform WordPress is powering 24% of the internet? As a mainstay in the blogging software market since 2003, WordPress has also risen as a top software choice for content management among business websites, including Time and CNN. What has made it so popular? Easy to use and intuitive, WordPress allows functions such as adding new pages, posting blogs, images, etc. to be done with reduced formatting time. Browser-based, users can log on and manage their site from any internet connected computer. WordPress is a self contained system not requiring HTML editing software, so it’s easy to create new pages or posts, upload images, format or edit text, upload video files, image galleries or documents without the need of any additional FTP or HTML software. 

The clean and simple coding or WordPress can be easily read and indexed by search engines, improving a business’s visibility. Each post, image, or page can be assigned its own unique meta tag title, description and keyword, and optimized for specific keywords. As a result WordPress provides the very precise search engine optimization business needs. WordPress can help reduce a business’s reliance on a web designer, saving the organization time and money, because users can make simple site updates themselves. The look and feel of a business website is 100% customizable with WordPress, meaning a business can create a unique user experience and allow their brand the opportunity to shine.

A web blogging platform and capabilities are built in to WordPress and are easily integrable into a website. Businesses can take advantage of the very simple to set up functions such as RSS/email subscriptions, commenting, and feature the most recent blog post on other site pages to keep content fresh and provide dynamic interaction with customers. WordPress has a number of popular plugins, many of which are free or very inexpensive, designed to increase exposure and keep websites crisp, exciting. These include Facebook Fan Box, Twitter Feed, an event calendar, and a video gallery. Scalability is a key factor that makes WordPress ideal for business. Whether you’ve got a hundred posts, or a hundred thousand, site performance is not compromised, meaning your WordPress site can grow with your business. Anyone looking for an easy-to-use web hosting platform with great support, room for growth, and used by local hometown bloggers and media giants alike need look no further than WordPress.  

Why Use WordPress for Your Business Website

Many businesses fall in one of two groups: those without websites, and those with websites that need a complete makeover. If you’re in one of these two groups (good chance!), then WordPress is the perfect solution for you and your business. There are many great advantages to using WordPress over other website creators – first and foremost, it’s super easy to maintain and update a WordPress website. There’s no need to learn HTML or website design, all you need is a connection and a web browser to update your website. Once it’s up and running, WordPress has thousands of templates to use for all types of sites. Their professionally designed themes for business sites are especially useful and, over the years, they’ve become the cream of the crop of website design. 

After you’ve created your beautiful new site, WordPress offers a plethora of options to truly enhance your new business site. There are hundreds of plugins and business feature objects to easily install on a website, which means you save time and money by avoiding the often difficult experiences of complex coding. It also has search options that help make your site more user-friendly as additional content is added over time. 

Last, but not least, WordPress is popular! Which means new themes, plugins, apps, and features are being added every single day! It also means you have a great community to work with as you develop your beautiful new website. The many forums, FAQs, and advice columns means you’ll never be left with an unanswered question. And that translates to a better customer experience for the patrons of your new business website. Whether your customers prefer to access your site from a standard web browser on a laptop or from their mobile phones or tablets, they’ll be greeted with a wonderful experience. If you’re still on the fence about using WordPress for your new business site, give it a shot! You will not be disappointed and you’ll have a great new website up and running in five minutes flat!