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Is it Time to Take Your Business Online?

Have you been trying to figure out how to take your business to the next level? There are a number of steps a business can take to get to the next level and increase profits, some more practical than others.  First, a plan needs to be made and the plan should focus on bringing in new business throughout the year.  This means your company will need to create a marketing plan that will increase visibility and help your business become more popular to consumers. Continue reading Is it Time to Take Your Business Online?

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Grow Your Small Business Online

Running a small business is no simple task – growing it is much harder. It is safe to say it takes hard work and determination to successfully run and grow a small business.  Unfortunately the current state of the economy has not made growing a small business any easier – probably just more challenging.  One of the best marketing tools for the average small business is the internet and the development of an online presence.  With the increase in presence and features of the internet, many businesses have already benefited from the endless online opportunities. Here we present you with the most common tips for success and offer some information to help grow your small business. Continue reading Grow Your Small Business Online

6 Simple Tips for Creating an Effective Small Business Blog

Many large companies know blogging has many benefits for their business and website traffic.  However, most small businesses neglect the benefits of a business blog and do not realize a blogs marketing potential.  Most, if not all, internet professionals agree that a good business blog is a powerful marketing tool for both large and small companies.  A well marketed and developed business blog can bring your company more customers than other forms of advertising; and best of all, the only costs involved is time.  Creating a good business blog does not have to be hard or complex, below are 6 great tips for starting an effective business blog. Continue reading 6 Simple Tips for Creating an Effective Small Business Blog

Small business web design, small business SEO

Why Do I Need a Website

Running a business is hard, running a small business is harder. Nearly everyday we come in contact with business owners who do not have web presences, let alone websites. We always ask these business owners if they are interested in having a quality website designed for their company at an affordable price. Many times, the response is, “No, I don’t need a website” or “We don’t sell to people on the internet.” Interestingly enough, these are the same business owners who are having difficulties selling products and gaining new customers. Continue reading Why Do I Need a Website