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Hiring a Quality WordPress Developer

Hiring a quality wordpress developer is very important when trying to create a professional looking website. There are a variety of things that will separate a quality wordpress developer from an amateur, including education, experience, and portfolio. When hiring a developer, make sure they are professional, punctual, and a strong communicator. WordPress developers may write their own code, purchase pre-made themes, or use a combination of both techniques.

The next important step is to examine their experience. Ask for available references and contact previous clients of their to find out if they were on time, on budget, and created a high quality product. WordPress sites are some of the most popular sites on the world wide web, so it should not be too hard to find examples of quality wordpress sites and/or blogs. High quality WordPress developers and designers should have experience with CSS, Javascript, and HTML. It is also important that they’re familiar with responsive design across devices.  

When observing a wordpress developer’s portfolio and body of work, along with example sites they may have created, it is important to take note of how functional the site is on a desktop, how functional the site is on a mobile device, and how functional the site is on a tablet or iPad. A quality wordpress developer should be able to create an excellent blend of function and design, matching whatever aesthetic the client asks for. When hiring a WordPress developer, it is also important to set deadlines and make sure that both parties are comfortable with the deadlines. Constant communication with the wordpress developer is extremely important, as they are in charge of creating the interface that most customers and website patrons will interact with, and ultimately create a lasting impression on them. 

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