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Colorado Wordpress Development

Colorado WordPress Development for Keef Cola

We are excited to show off some of our latest Colorado WordPress Development work.  Our latest WordPress development work was for the award winning Keef Cola.  Keef Cola is a medicinal marijuana beverage that has received national attention for it’s innovation and creativitiy.  The company has a wonderful design team that helped make the project even better.  The Keef Cola founders contacted us to help them customize their WordPress theme.  The site was already established and developed for the most part and all they needed was some custom coding and development to make the theme fit their brand needs.

Colorado WordPress DevelopmentBecause the Keef Cola team had already developed the entire website, it was  quick and fun project.  As with all projects, we worked quickly and provided the completed work on a tight deadline.  We helped the company add a custom front page template, custom header background, and front page logo placement.  Through manipulation of the themes php files, Cascading Style Sheets, and template pages we were able to complete the design with code that displayed well in all types of web browsers. 

In addition to our development with the front page, we also added additional slides to the front page slider.  The standard slider only allowed for 5 front page slides.  The company indicated they would like more slides to display their products and amazing design work.  Easy enough, we edited their theme functions.php file and index.php file to increase the number of available front page slides.  The project worked out nicely and the end result was great looking WordPress design that truly depicts the culture of Keef Cola. 

If you company is in need of Colorado WordPress Development, Premium Theme Customizations, Theme Customizations, Custom Theme Design and Development, or basically any other WordPress assistance, contact us today!  Our team of Colorado Wordpres Experts has provided companies large and small with expert consulting and development.  Let us make your WordPress project perfect.  What are you waiting for?  It is time to get WebStyley!

Denver Wordpress Design

Colorado WordPress

WebStyley.com is synonymous with Colorado WordPress.  No other Colorado WordPress company has developed as many new WordPress websites in the last year as WebStyley.  Our commitment to quality design, development, valid code, and complete customer satisfaction has helped us grow quickly in the Colorado WordPress market.  Our team of dedicated WordPress developers and designers have provided countless Denver and Colorado companies with exceptional services and results.

So what should you look for when you are looking for a Colorado WordPress developer for your website or blog.  Well we think there are a few very important factors to consider when choosing a professional Colorado WordPress developer.  In fact, we highly encourage our customers to talk to other companies and compare our process to theirs.  We encourage our clients to ask us questions and love providing each of them with a website they love and functionality they need. 

Colorado WordPress Tips

Here are some of our tips when hiring a Colorado Worpdress expert or company to build your website or blog.

  1. Can the company provide you with a list of references from atleast 20 new and satisfied clients from the previous year?  If not, then you may be working with a company that has limited work experience with customers and the WordPress platform.  Our suggestion is to find a Colorado WordPress developer that can prove their skills from their biggest critics – their clients (the more, the better!)
  2. Make sure the developer can provide you with actual examples of recent Colorado WordPress Design and Development.  If the company or individual you contact can not send you a list of real URLS from actual clients, then you may be setting yourself up for difficulties in the future.  Professional and successful Colorado WordPress developers should be able to provide you with a minimum of 15 live websites completed in the last year. 
  3. Can the WordPress developer provide custom WordPress themes and customizations.  Installing WordPress on a server and uploading a free theme is very easy and should probably only cost around $250.00.  True Colorado WordPress Design and customization is what can and will seperate your website from the competition.  If your developer has difficulties with basic theming and WordPress customizations then you are definitely in trouble when you are looking to grow your company through the internet.
  4. Has the developer worked extensively with WordPress plugins and functions.  If your developer can’t customize a plugin or develop a custom plugin for your website or company – then there are some serious issues with their WordPress knowledge and background.  If they consistently tell you I don’t think you can do that with WordPress, then they must not know what they are doing – because you can basically develop the platform to work in nearly all capacities.
  5. Does the Colorado WordPress Developer specialize in WordPress SEO and search engine optimization strategies and development.  WordPress SEO starts from the very beginning and should be considered before any coding or work is done on your site.  Building a wordpress theme is easy, making it rank in search engines is another story.  The theme needs to be built using valid XHTML, valid CSS, and search engine optimized code.  In addition, the correct plugins need to be installed and consideration needs to be made to ensure fast load times, easy search engine indexing, optimal content delivery, clean urls, on-page SEO, and a number of other important factors. 
  6. Does your developer have time for your project – no matter how big or small.  If your developer does not commit time to your project, then there is no way your project can or will get done.  Make sure your developer listens to your needs and follows through with commitments and duties.  There is nothing more frustrating than a half functioning site and an absent developer.
  7. Lastly, is the price right for the scope of the project and quality of work.  Our prices are very competitive to other Colorado WordPress companies.  Sure some freelancers and new companies will probably be able to beat our price – but they can’t beat our commitment to our clients and expert knowledge of WordPress.  Our prices have been established to ensure our clients projects are done affordably and so the company can continue to bring on new customers.  We offer payment plans and processing of all major credit cards.  When you hire us, you know what you are going to get.  No surprises and complete satisfaction and support!

There you have it, our recommendations for hiring a Colorado WordPress developer or company.  If you are or your company is considering hiring a professional Colorado WordPress expert, please consider WebStyley.com.  We have provided expert WordPress development to a large number of Colorado companies – our clients appreciate our work and consistenly refer family, friends, and acquaintances to us – We hope you are next.  Thanks for reading, and what are you waiting for?  It is time to get WebStyley!