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Small Business SEO Techniques

Today small businesses need to focus on Small Business SEO techniques to improve traffic to their website and increase their customer base.  Search engine optimization is essential when trying to grow your business.  SEO allows your small businesses the opportunity to attract new pre-qualified customers to your website that may be interested in purchasing your product or service.  If your company is serious about growing on the internet and utilizing the marketing power of the web, then you need to start considering SEO as a possible avenue for internet marketing.  After all if your small business website is not found in major search engines then you are leaving large amounts of money and sales on the table.  Check out these Small Business SEO Techniques to improve your small business website’s ranking on major search engines such as google. 

First, you should look at your website content.  Is the content on your website engaging and informative or dull and confusing.  Your website content should consist of carefully selected keywords and phrases that will appeal to your visitor and search engine bots.  This means you should focus on writing about topics that potential customers would type into Google or another search engine.  This sets up your website content to address keywords and phrases that are actually searched on a daily basis. 

Next, your website should be comprised of a number of different pages that all address a different keyword or phrase.  For instance, instead of having one page for your company’s services, expand on each individual service your offer.  Write in detail about each service your company performs.  Include the process, the amount of time, the benefits, the negatives if not performed, and any other valuable information.  Every word of information can help your company increase it’s placement in search engines. 

Also, make sure you are linking your pages to one another.  Help search engines find your content by inserting links to other relevant pages throughout your website text.  This allows the search engines to find and index content on your website that may not have been indexed before.  In addition, make sure you are providing descriptive keyword anchor text for your links.  For instance do not simply link the words “click here” if you are talking about SEO for small businesses, instead try writing “learn more about” and linking Small Business SEO to the url.  This will help guide the search engines in determining what keywords are associated with your website and inform the search engine of the keywords present in the linked page.

Descriptive content is king in the SEO game, but so is fresh and new content.  This means your website should not just be static, but instead dynamic.  This simply means you need to make an effort to add content and information to your small business website frequently.  Don’t let your website go dormant because there are plenty of other similar websites that are constantly adding information and content.  Search engines love new content because it allows them to bring fresh information to users.  Try to make your website an authority in your industry.  Provide relevant articles and anaylsis on industry issues and information of interest to consumers.  This is best accomplished by operating a blog.  This can be added to your website or can be through a free online blogging software such as or 

These Small Business SEO Techniques should help improve your website traffic and help attract new customers.  Don’t neglect the benefit of Small Business SEO and be sure to be consistent with your SEO efforts.  Make SEO a weekly business task and your will begin to see your website quickly climb up the search engine ranks.  If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, consider hiring a professional SEO Company to provide these valuable services for your company!

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