Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of optimizing your website for search engines.  This is an important aspect of internet marketing because helps search engines find and index your website content.  The better Google and other major search engines can locate, crawl, and index your website the better your search engine rankings will be.  Better placement on major search engines is important because it helps more potential buyers and customers locate your company and website.

Search engine optimization is especially important for small to medium sized business because it allows the companies to better compete with larger organizations that already consume the majority of their market.  Competing with them over highly sought after keywords and search terms, can help your business improve sales and increase exposure to your company.

Search engine optimization is a highly technical process that requires expert attention to detail and continued focus on targeted keywords and search terms.  First, a full website analysis needs to be completed on your website.  The site analysis determines the current SEO condition of your website and helps determine what optimizations need to be made.  Next, a competition analysis should be completed to determine how your site compares to competitors.  The competition analysis is an important step because it allows the SEO expert to learn what factors Google and other search engines are weighing, when determining high search engine rankings.  Next, a keyword analysis is completed.  The focus of the keyword analysis is to determine the competition, success rate, and monthly search rate of each keyword – this will help determine the best and optimal keywords to target.

Once competitive keywords are selected, every targeted keyword needs to be optimized for on your company website – this is called on-page SEO.  Proper on-page optimization is a critical step because it establishes your website for future SEO efforts.  For instance, if you are looking to optimize your website for the keyword “SEO” it is important to have sufficient information and content discussing the keyword.  In addition, meta and title tags need to be optimized to focus on your targeted keywords.  On-page SEO also includes all images – it is important to ensure all images have descriptive alternative text, so that the search engines can interpret their value to your site.

On-page SEO is just the beginning of search engine optimization.  The process continues with with an aggressive and strategic link-building campaign.  One of the main ranking factors in search engines is links back to your website, therefore it is important build strong and relevant links to your website.  These links are built using a number strategies and include; article marketing, press releases, directory submissions, classified listings, social bookmarking, blog contributions, and forum discussions.  This process continues through the SEO campaign and is vital factor in improving search engine rankings.  However it is important to make the link building appear natural to Google and all other major search engines and limit monthly links to 20-25.

Rankings should appear after three months of a complete SEO campaign and it is highly recommended to continue the process after three months.  If SEO efforts are ceased after three months, your rankings may succeed for an additional few months but will not remain.  This is because it is likely that your competition or new websites will be running similar SEO campaigns for the same targeted keywords and are attempting to take your search engine ranking position.

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