Easy Small Business SEO – 5 Tips

Every small business should be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO) for their company website. SEO is essential in getting found on Google and other major search engines. Unfortunately, the process can be tedious and very technical, making it difficult to obtain desired search rankings. Usually, small businesses do not have the man power or financials to operate full SEO campaigns, and often times need to make only a few changes to the way they do business online. Here are 5 tips to help boost your small businesses search engine ranking and improve your websites online presence.

5 Easy Small Business SEO Tips

  1. Blog – Blogging is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website and bring exposure to your company. A well developed business blog has the ability to attract new customers and search engine bots. Simply blogging 1 time a week about a topic relevant to your industry can drastically improve your companies SEO. The blog can be added as a directory to your current website, or your company can set up a free business blog through WordPress.com or Blogger.com. So what are you waiting for? Start Blogging.
  2. Better Links – If you are not linking to other content on every page of your website, then you are not helping search engines simply locate pages and information on your site. Help the search engines locate important and new content by linking the content to the URLS of each topic. This helps build internal links and even helps users to on your site find new content they may not have been exposed too. Links are very important for SEO!
  3. Anchor Text – Often one of the most neglected forms of SEO. So what is anchor text? Well anchor text is the actual words inside the link. For instance if you were writing about SEO in Denver and wanted to link to other content regarding the subject, it would be much more beneficial for SEO to create Denver SEO as the hyperlink rather than linking the words “Click here for more information”. Anchor text adds relevancy and keywords to every link. Don’t let your links float away, Anchor them to the SEO keywords/phrases you are optimizing for!
  4. Title and Meta tags – Do not forget to optimize your websites title and meta tags. Title tags is the information that is displayed at the top of the browser and also is the blue links in Google. Adding title tags is very easy and only requires the addition of <title>Title Keywords Here</title> placed within the <head> of your website. Place the <title> above other tags in the head. Meta tags includes Descriptions and keywords. Meta Descriptions and Keywords are also placed in the head of your website. To add them, simply place the following
  5. <meta name="description" content="Place website content descriptions here!">

    <meta name="keywords" content="Place Keywords here with commas, between, keywords">

  6. Keyword Placement – Make sure to place relevant keywords throughout the content of every page. Make sure the keywords you are optimizing for appear within your content atleast three times. Spread the keywords throughout the content. An easy way to remember is by trying to place the keyword/phrase within the first two sentences, in the middle, and within the last two sentences of the content. It is also good SEO to add a list of keywords to appear at the bottom of everypage of your site. This reminds the search engines and visitor what your site is about. We call this Keywords with a Purpose!

There you have it, 5 tips for easy small business SEO. Doing the above will help optimize your website and help your company increase it’s search engine ranking. Focus on content and relevant keywords and you are sure to see a strong increase in your search engine ranking placement (SERP). Thanks for reading.

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