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Denver WordPress Designers hired by Thumb-Lite

Our latest WordPress design and development project was completed for  Thumb-Lite was in need of Denver WordPress Designers to upgrade and improve their previous website. Thumb-Lite is the smallest and brightest LED light on the market. The innovative and unique product is in stores nationwide and has recently one the Retailer’s Choice Award.  The company contacted WebStyley because their previous WordPress website was not developed correctly and did not work with a necessary plugin.  After reviewing the old site, it was determined that the company would be best off with a new WordPress design and development.  The company agreed and we moved forward with a high powered WordPress development project – focused on attracting new distributors and retail locations.  Overall, the project was a success and boasts a number of great features.

Denver WordPress DesignersOur team of expert Denver WordPress Designers provided the company with a number of advanced WordPress features and functionality.   The site includes a front page slider that is capable of displaying content and an image, as desired.  In addition, the front page utilizes widgets to get the clean and customizable look and functionality of the homepage.  The site has also been integrated with the companies twitter feed and other social media pages.  Another great feature is a fully functional store finder.  The store finder is a great plugin that allows a user to find a store that carries Thumb-Lite in their area.  Our Denver WordPress Designers also included slideshows and AJAX based features to enhance the functionality and look of the site.  The WordPress project also boasts a fully functional online store that has been integrated with PayPal.  The website is a perfect example of the versatility of WordPress and the many features that can be added to a website.

If you or your company is looking to hire Denver WordPress Designers, then contact us today.  Our team of dedicated WordPress programmers can turn you basic WordPress website into a robust, feature-rich, and highly functional WordPress site that