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Denver Wordpress Design

Denver WordPress Design for Bison Energy Company

WebStyley has recently completed another professional Denver WordPress Design for Bison Energy Company.  The company is a leading Petroleum Land Services company that provides expert oil and land solutions to major oil companies, independent oil companies, banks, attorneys, institutional mineral owners, as well as individual mineral owners.  Bison Energy Company provides services to clients in North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming.  The company contacted WebStyley to improve their web presence and design.  Well needless to say, we took the challenge and delivered.  The Denver WordPress Design places them a step above their competition and provides them with the robust features they need.  Continue reading Denver WordPress Design for Bison Energy Company

Colorado Wordpress Development

Colorado WordPress Development for Keef Cola

We are excited to show off some of our latest Colorado WordPress Development work.  Our latest WordPress development work was for the award winning Keef Cola.  Keef Cola is a medicinal marijuana beverage that has received national attention for it’s innovation and creativitiy.  The company has a wonderful design team that helped make the project even better.  The Keef Cola founders contacted us to help them customize their WordPress theme.  The site was already established and developed for the most part and all they needed was some custom coding and development to make the theme fit their brand needs.

Colorado WordPress DevelopmentBecause the Keef Cola team had already developed the entire website, it was  quick and fun project.  As with all projects, we worked quickly and provided the completed work on a tight deadline.  We helped the company add a custom front page template, custom header background, and front page logo placement.  Through manipulation of the themes php files, Cascading Style Sheets, and template pages we were able to complete the design with code that displayed well in all types of web browsers. 

In addition to our development with the front page, we also added additional slides to the front page slider.  The standard slider only allowed for 5 front page slides.  The company indicated they would like more slides to display their products and amazing design work.  Easy enough, we edited their theme functions.php file and index.php file to increase the number of available front page slides.  The project worked out nicely and the end result was great looking WordPress design that truly depicts the culture of Keef Cola. 

If you company is in need of Colorado WordPress Development, Premium Theme Customizations, Theme Customizations, Custom Theme Design and Development, or basically any other WordPress assistance, contact us today!  Our team of Colorado Wordpres Experts has provided companies large and small with expert consulting and development.  Let us make your WordPress project perfect.  What are you waiting for?  It is time to get WebStyley!

Denver Wordpress Design

Colorado WordPress Design for Erik Jensen

We are exceptionally proud to show off another Colorado WordPress Design project.  The project was completed for Erik Jensen and his family.  When Erik was 17 years old he was sentenced to Juvenile Life Without Parole (JLWOP).  He has served 11 years in prison already – in 2006 the Colorado Legislature passed a bill capping the longest sentence that could be given to a juvenile at 40 years – the bill was not retroactive and did not affect those already sentenced to JLWOP.  The family contacted WebStyley to develop a blogging platform to discuss JLWOP and Erik’s case.  Erik’s case has been featured in documentaries, articles, and books around the world.  The movement to end JLWOP has grown drastically as a result of the hard work and dedication Erik’s family have put into the cause.  To say the least, it was an honor and privilege to develop the website for such a progressive organization and cause.

Colorado WordPress Design

colorado wordpress design

The Colorado WordPress Design project consisted of a number of great WordPress features.  WordPress provides extensive functionality and scalabilty, which is why it is the perfect solution for a website with lots of information and regular blogging.  The website was developed so the family could easily update readers on the status of Erik’s case and provide detailed information about JLWOP.  The Colorado WordPress Design includes full blogging capabilities, valid code, user account registration, user commenting, RSS feeds, SEO options, and a number of other great features.  The site also includes embedded video and photo slideshows.  The contact form can be filled out my users from around the world and the information will send directly to the family’s email address.  Like many of our Colorado Worpress Design projects, the site has been optimized for search engine indexing and should begin to rank very well for important terms.  We encourage you to check out the website and show your support for Erik and his family!

If your company or non-profit is in need of Colorado WordPress Design, then please contact us to discuss your website and options.  Our team of Colorado WordPress Consultants will provide detailed advice and information to ensure your website is built perfectly for your needs.  Thank you for stopping by, what are you waiting for?  It is time to get WebStyley!

Denver Wordpress Design

Denver WordPress Web Design for Southside Pizzeria

Denver WordPress Web Design is serious business and that is why Southside Pizzeria decided to go with one of Denver’s best WordPress Web Design Companies in Colorado.  Southside Pizzeria truly is one of the best littleton pizza restaurants and bars in the area.  The company is a new restaurant that has made a big splash in the community.  Their commitment to high quality ingredients and customer satisfaction is helping them continually attract new visitors.  Southside Pizzeria’s quality of products and services was a perfect match for WebStyley web development.

Denver WordPress Web DesignThe Denver WordPress Web Design project included custom WordPress Theme and Development.  Our team of highly trained SEO and WordPress experts built the website on valid SEO ready code, the theme includes a number of robust features which allows the company complete control over their website.  The Denver WordPress Web Design includes WordPress 3.0 menu support, custom post-types, google map integration, pdf menu integration, contact forms, blogging capabilities, and onsite directions.  A great feature for the Denver web development project is the use of WordPress’ custom post types.  The company needed a way to easily display their latest specials on the front page of their website.  Of course the specials would need to be easily added and showcased so that users could continue to see new additions to the menu.  Our team set up a custom post type for “specials” and created a new page template for the homepage.  The template allows for all specials to be displayed on the home page, in addition, to the past specials and menu additions.  This kind of Denver Wordpress Web Design also has a number of SEO benefits.  Each time a new post is made, it creates a new page and url on the website.  The URL structures have been setup to include the name of each post.  This is great for SEO because it allows for better indexing of content on the website and more indexed pages to be added to the search engines results pages.

If you or your company is considering a new website, be sure to insist on the use of an industry leading CMS application such as WordPress.  WordPress is the best publishing platform and website option for small to medium sized businessses for a number of factors.  One of the top factors is the impact it can have on search engines. specializes in Denver WordPress Web Design and SEO and would love to learn more about your project and help you build a website that can grow with your company – Contact Us today.  What are you waiting for?  It is time to get WebStyley!

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WordPress Design Denver for Gutter Gurus, Inc.

Here we are again showing off another Denver WordPress Design for Gutter Gurus, Inc. Our superior WordPress skills have proven to be very beneficial to the Denver Gutter Cleaning company.   Gutter Gurus, Inc. found us on Google for a competitive web design Denver search term.  The company came to us to begin their web presence.  Gutter Gurus, Inc. did not have an online presence before working with us and wanted to become highly competitive in the Denver gutter cleaning marketing.  Well we capitalized on this opportunity and provided them with amazing WordPress development.

Wordpress Design DenverThe Denver WordPress Design includes a fully customized WordPress theme and options.  The theme has been developed to include a home page slider that showcases the company’s services and expertise.  In addition, each page is equipped with contact forms to encourage potential customers to contact them for services.  The website has also been developed to include a fully operational online store and payment processing.  The website includes built in SEO features and has been optimized for maximum search engine indexing.  Any good SEO developed website needs to include a functional blog – yep this website includes a functional blog and is ready for serious internet marketing.

There you have it, another beautiful Denver WordPress Design for one of Denver’s leading companies.  If your company is in need of quality and affordable web or WordPress Design Denver, then contact us today.  It is time to get WebStyley!

Denver Wordpress Design SEO Company

Colorado WordPress Design for Colorado Addictions Consulting

Another amazing Colorado Web Design project for a great Colorado company Colorado Addictions Consulting, LLC.  Colorado Addictions Consulting, LLC is comprised of Colorado’s top Drug and Alcohol specialists.  They provide detailed clinical substance abuse evaluations to juvenile’s involved in the juvenile justice system, probation, juvenile courts, department of human services, and many other venues.  The company came to to bring their amazing company online, affordably and professionally.  So lets start talking about their site!

colorado-wordpress-designThe site is was a simple Colorado WordPress Design and Development project.  To meet the budget requirements of the project, we developed the website with a free WordPress theme from  We then customized the theme to fit the needs of the company.  The colorado wordpress project includes standard wordpress features and functionality.  The theme has been optimized for search engines through the use of important SEO WordPress plugins and code optimizations.  We optimized the on-page SEO elements of the page through strategic use of keywords, title tags, and meta tags.  The site has proven to rank well in search and has helped the company attract new business.

If you or your company is in need of Colorado WordPress Design and development, look no further. can provide your company with custom wordpress themes, premium theme customizations, and many other Colorado WordPress Design services.  What are you waiting for?  It is time to get WebStyley!

Denver WordPress Design for Advanced Whitening

Another Denver WordPress Design project in the books.  The wordpress development project is a great addition to our portfolio.  The project was completed for Advanced Whitening, a professional company offereing teeth whitening denver.   Our stellar work on previous projects made WebStyley the go to Denver web design company.  The website was built using the powerful content management system WordPress and has a number of robust features built in.  It has been a please working with and look forward to providing them with more services in the future.

Denver WordPress DesignThe Denver WordPress Design project includes custome WordPress Theme Design and development, Valid XHTML and CSS, SEO friendly code, easy navigation, contact forms, and the WordPress website has also been optimized for search engines.  In addition to all of those great features, we have integrated the website with an online booking program that will allow the business to schedule appointments directly over the internet.  This feature is great for customers and helps the company automate their scheduling process.  The website has also been integrated with Google Maps so that customers can get directions to the office without having to leave the website.  Overall it is just a great small business website that provides advanced features.  The website was designed to provide useful functionality to the business and an attractive design for the customer.

If your company is in need of Denver WordPress Design and Development, Contact us today.  We are one of the top Denver WordPress Design Companies in Colorado and love working with new businesses, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.  Expect more from your Denver web design and development company – It is time to get WebStyley!

littleton wordpress development

Littleton WordPress Development for Foothills Heating & Cooling, LLC

WebStyley has long maintained a close business relationship with Foothills Heating and Cooling, LLC.  For over 10 years the owner of WebStyley has provided the company with internet and marketing consulting.  We have recently renewed their online presence with custom Littleton WordPress Development and Design.  The company has long been providing Littleton, Denver and surrounding suburbs with high quality Littleton Furnace Repair, HVAC, and air conditioning services.  The company has continued to have positive growth throughout Colorado and has a significant satisfied customer base.  The goal of the company was to increase the online presence of the company and provide a fresh Littleton web design that would appeal to past, current, and future customers.  Continue reading Littleton WordPress Development for Foothills Heating & Cooling, LLC

denver non-profit web design

Denver Non-Profit Web Design for

We are dedicated to providing affordable Denver non-profit web design and development to Denver and Colorado Non-profit organizations.  We were happy to provide affordable web development and consultation to More Than Hope Foundation, Inc.   The non-profit organization helps provide a new start for children involved with the child welfare and foster care system in Colorado.  The organization provides finanical, mental and physical support to the youth it helps.  The organization needed a quick and affordable website to get their message out.  WebStyley delivered and provided them with extremely fast turn around and an even better price.

denver non-profit web designThe Denver non-profit web design was developed using a free WordPress theme from  The theme includes standard WordPress features and support. provided us with all of their content and information and we quickly developed the website.  We installed WordPress on their server and finished the final details of the website.  We then integrated paypal with the website to allow for donations to be made to the organization.  After completing the website, we provided WordPress training and consulting to help take control of the website.  The organization plans on furthering the development in the coming years, which is why WordPress was the best solution.

If your non-profit is in need of Denver non-profit web design and development, then give WebStyley a call today.  Our expert WordPress developers can provide you with high quality development and consultation for your website.  Thanks for stopping by and please contact us with any questions!

Centennial Web Design

Centennial Web Design for Precision Concrete, Inc

Precision Concrete Inc. is one of the oldest Colorado Concrete Companies.  The company has been providing the best concrete services to customers throughout the Denver Metro Area and Colorado for over 58 years.  We were honored to provide the longstanding Colorado company with a new online presence.  The company wanted a simple website that represented their brand and image.  We provided them with custom Centennial Web Design and WordPress Development.

Centennial Web DesignThe Centennial Web Design was created using the very powerful CMS WordPress.  We provided them with a custom WordPress theme and design.  The website includes SEO optimized code, Photo Galleries, easy navigation, and simple design.  Within a week of developing their new website, they already received new business.  A new web design and SEO package can be great for generating new leads and business!

If your company is in the need of Centennial Web Design Services, Contact Us today.  We provided affordable web design services with exceptional customer services.  It is time to get WebStyley!